Another Life

The only way to change the future is to come to terms with the past.


Another Life is a multi-narrative drama about real people trying to forge a new path in life. Each of the characters is looking for someone to connect with. Whilst each struggles to come to terms with the past, it is clear that they all share the same desire – to be understood and accepted.

Director / Dom Lenoir

Writer / Ross Owen Williams


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The director, Dom Lenoir is a passionate and experienced filmmaker with a Master’s Degree in film. His flair for epic storytelling shines through in quality micro-budget features and shorts, including Nightscape, Bring Me Home, and Shoe Polish. Dom has shot across Europe, from Sicily to Switzerland, achieving outstanding cinematic quality whilst keeping his films cost-effective.





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The writer and executive producer, Ross Owen Williams is a drama graduate who trained at the CSSD. Before turning 30, Ross created, developed and sold a £multi-million recruitment company and now is both a business consultant and writer, published in more than 25 publications, and the author of acclaimed biography The Hardcore Truth.


















Sam Marshall had an idyllic upbringing with parents who loved him and each other – until he was 10. Confused by their divorce, Sam became withdrawn and isolated. Now eighteen, watching his police officer father pine over his failed relationship whilst his mother quietly combats her own demons with sedatives, Sam longs for another life.

Pete Braddock had a rough upbringing with unstable parents – until he was 10. Then it got rougher when tragedy tore his family apart. Now twenty, with an ambitious girlfriend and steady labouring job, Pete attempts to build another life but, when pieces of his past return to haunt him, he struggles to control his self-destructive behaviour.

These young men don’t know each other but, over the course of a week, their pasts will change each other’s future forever. As their lives draw parallel, seven other people will be affected by a decade-old domestic violence case – and everybody will come to realise that it is how they view and react to the past that dictates their future.





Epic British cinema with an American twist, this film will resonate on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. The canal-side town setting, with leafy waterways meeting faded industrial sites, will create an unique atmosphere heightened by a haunting original score. Gliding steadicam will combine with aerial footage to create sweeping visuals and draw the viewer into every detail of the town.

The film will be, at times, dark and brooding, but will retain colour and character through a rich colour palette in set design and costumes, and bold cinematic lighting, channelling successful American features such as Mystic River, Magnolia, and Million Dollar Baby.












The Team:

Dom Lenoir – Director:

Ross Owen Williams – Writer: